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Locate prop tool animation in Unity

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Locate prop tool animation in Unity

I've recently used a Perception Neuron motion capture kit to record the movements of a person with an object. I used an additional prop cable to record the object as the animation is too complex to do manually.

I am certain the prop tool animation recorded however I am struggling to understand how to find the prop tool animation and connect an object to it in Unity.

I'm quite new to Unity and very new to animation, so I could be making a basic error.

This is an image to demonstrate the set-up:


You can see the object, a bowl, which I need to attach to the prop tool animation. I assumed I would add the object as a child to the prop tool point in the main hierarchy. The problem is I can't see the prop tool there. 

What is strange is that when I go to the animation and press configure I can see the prop tool. However in that menu, if I try to make the bowl a child to the prop tool it doesn't work:


If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. This is a really frustrating problem and I can't find any answers, anywhere! Thank you

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Hi there,

prop tool data is currently not supported in the SDK. Meaning the motion-data is not included in the data stream output of Axis Neuron. So thus it can not be used inside Unity.

Director of Game Development


Hi Tobias,
so using the current Axis Neuron v. is not possible to record the prop tool ?
When will it be available ?



Am I reading this right, that it is not only not possible to export the prop tool sensor data to Unity, but that it's not possible to export it at all? Not even with some tweaks?

Daniel Hinnerkopf

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