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How well does the PN work and what do you do about cleanup?

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How well does the PN work and what do you do about cleanup?

I'm considering buying the PN for use with iClone, but users ont he forums there say the results are "jittery" (they also complain about magnetic interference but let's leave that aside for a brief moment).  I'm well away that most mocap solutions need to be "cleaned up" afterwards, but since iClone itself doesn't really have good tools for that process I'm wondering what folks here are doing to get buttery smooth motions, particularly when it comes to foot sliding.

I've looked at Webanimate and it does have an auto mocap cleanup process that looks promising, but without any PN BVH files to try I can't say how well it would work for me.  I'm not needing "live" capture, and I'm not afraid of a *bit* of work, but I can't spend the rest of my life doing mocap cleanup (or I'd just animate by hand in the first place).

My previous mocap solution (which I still use) is iPisoft with two Kinects, and the included software that is used post capture does an amazing job at getting rid of any jitters.  However, I don't think I can use it with files from other sources.  

I suspect it would be a huge help to me if I could download some sample raw BVH files captured with the PN so I could see myself the issues (as well as see if Webanimate or something else would work to fix any issues).  However, I don't know if any are available.

TIA for any help on this problem.

Hello Kelleytoons,

look at At the end there are sample files to download.
Otherwise you can download Axis Neuron ( and install it. There should also be included sample data.


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