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Full body not an option when calibrating

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Full body not an option when calibrating

All my sensors show up as green (18 sensors, perception neuron v01 on a pc) but when I go to calibrate the dropdown menu to the right of where you enter body type only offers 'left arm', 'right arm' or 'lower body'. If I just run calibration then the upper body calibrates but the legs are like stiff boards and float about. If I run the calibration after selecting 'lower body' then the legs calibrate but the upper body doesn't respond.

I have the newest download installed. All sensors register and are green.

It seems to be a software issue. Any tips on how to remedy?


Is there anyone at Perception Neuron that can advise? Problem not resolved.

How best to reach customer service/support (besides, email, here, facebook, youtube)?

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