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DAZ Studio: Import BVH Instructions

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DAZ Studio: Import BVH Instructions 
(Updated 2/2019 - Added instructions to apply motion to G1, G2, G3 & G8)

The following instructions are for getting MOCAP data from the Perception Neuron mocap suit into DAZ Studio for animating G1, G2, G3 & G8 figures:
1.    In the Axis Neuron software load the .RAW motion file you wish to bring into DAZ.
2.    Next do a File | Export, choose output file type as Biovision *.bvh format, then choose the file name and directory for the saved file. 
3.    Open DAZ and load the Genesis 1 Female figure. Always start with G1F for new BVH imports.
4.    With the G1 character selected in DAZ do a File | Import, change file type to Biovision *.bvh, and then navigate to your saved PN clip, click the OPEN button.
5.    The BVH Importer Options box will now be open. Click the SHOW DETAILS button so you can see the Bone Mapping (you will probably have to drag a corner to expand the size of the box to see all or most of the bones listed).
6.    The Bone Mapping is where the magic occurs.  Select SPINE 3 on the left hand side and the right hand side will display the corresponding mapped bone in G1, in PN’s case it will probably say LEFT COLLAR.  This is wrong and should be remapped to the CHEST, which is done simply by clicking on CHEST.  The following are the 7 bones that I have found that need to be remapped:
a.    SPINE 3 ----->  CHEST
7.    Once the remapping is completed choose SAVE MAP button, give it a NEW name and SAVE.  This will allow you to LOAD this saved map for future imports.  Load this saved MAP each time you do a new BVH import.
8.    After you saved your named map, click SHOW DETAILS, then click LOAD MAP button, choose your saved/stored map and click LOAD. Before you click ACCEPT to load the motion file decide if you want "In Place Mode (no X or Z hip translation)" checked or unchecked.  Once you click ACCEPT your animation will be loaded and then you can click the play button in the Animation Panel to see it in action.
9.    Once your G1F figure is animated to your liking save it as a POSE PRESET - with animation. Select your G1F figure, do a File | Save As, choose Pose Preset, then give it a name and include the Animated Range (start and end frames) for the animation you want saved, choose ACCEPT.
10. You can now easily animate G1, G2 and G3 figures simply by dragging the saved POSE PRESET file onto each of these figures in your scene.
11.  To apply to G8 figures you need to put them into a T-Pose first.  Select G8 and BEND the Right & Left Should Bend bones up 45-degrees. Similarly, adjust the Side-Side pose of the Left & Right Thigh Bones in by 6-degrees each. Now choose the JOINT EDITOR Tool and right click on your G8 Figure and choose EDIT | Bake Joint Rotations.  (You can save this as a G8 T-Pose Pose Preset to save time next time). Now just drag your G1F Animated Pose Presets you saved onto your G8 figure and it should animate properly.
12.  If G3 or G8 figures to not animate quite right, you can try this DAZ Store script which works quite well. https://www.daz3d.com/animation-conversion-genesis-2-to-genesis-3


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