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Unreal Engine model not translating movement properly

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Unreal Engine model not translating movement properly

Hello everyone! I'm running up against a problem with transform data in UE4 when attempting to use the Perception Neuron plugin.

The bones all move as they should and scale properly. However, the character moves proportional to the size of the actor, instead of scaling the amount of space moved for the body of the new model. This occurs with live streaming as well as imported BVH assets. The shorter model seems to sink into the floor when the hips lower for a jump, for example.

Is there a solution to correct this problem in Axis Neuron I am missing?


I have the same problem too, the whole model was drifting badly. the other parts seem ok. the official guys told me to change the model scale. but I can't because I need a proper proportion for my world

beautiful way

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