• 01 Dec 16
  • Posted by SusyNeuron
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BoB and Perception Neuron Offer A Complete Biomechanical Analysis System

BoB (Biomechanics of Bodies) has teamed up with our Perception Neuron motion capture system to provide researchers and universities with a complete biomechanical analysis system package. BoB is a biomechanical modeling package that contains a human musculoskeletal model. BoB enables the calculation of anatomical trajectories, center of mass trajectories, ground reaction forces, muscle forces and joint contact loads together with a muscle editor and an extensive visualization capability. When this technology is combined with mocap, it offers a seamless interface from hardware to software. BoB's short learning curve makes it ideal for teaching, while it's in-depth analysis makes BoB an excellent option for conducting research on body movement including for non-life-critical healthcare such as physical therapy. The BoB and Perception Neuron package is available now on the Perception Neuron website for $1,599 and for $700 for those who already own a Perception Neuron system. For more information on BoB, visit, marlbrook.com.