• 27 Oct 14
  • Posted by alexal
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Dev+XP learns about Perception Neuron from Dr. Tristan Dai

You have to be doing something right if people want to talk to you, right? Interviews are always nice, especially when it's about something people are really excited about. Gabriel Galaz, a game developer himself sat down with Dr. Tristan Dai to learn more about Perception Neuron, and what makes it so special. 

In this episode of Dev+XP Dr. Dai goes over what Perception Neuron is and how the system works. Also covered is the affordabilty of Perception Neuron and the different applications it can be used for including motion capture, animation, stage performance, gaming and sports analysis. 


"We need to thank the cell phone industry, the smartphone industry [brought] the cost of the sensors to a few U.S. dollars."

Dr. Tristan Dai