• 05 Jan 16
  • Posted by SusyNeuron

Fingertracking VR with HTC Vive

Dr. Tristan Dai recently gave a virtual reality presentation at the HTC VIVE UNBOUND event in Beijing where he showcased some exciting development projects currently in the works. Working with the Vive tracking system, Dr, Dai was able to create detailed finger motions inside of a mixed-reality virtual environment which included picking up and placing floating balls into a bucket and shooting at aliens with a laser gun. Noitom's motion capture glove was of course at the center of the action, and in combination with the tracking and controller, proved to to generate a seamless VR experience. This is all part of the early phase of Noitom's delve into the consumer market. Though still in the early stages, we think the possibilities are looking pretty good. But don’t take our word for it. Check out Noitom’s finger tracking VR demos, Last Stand and Ball Factory.