• 06 Apr 17
  • Posted by SusyNeuron

Halon and Perception Neuron Create Previz for Logan

We couldn't be more proud and excited about having our Perception Neuron motion capture system used as a previz tool for the movie Logan. The blockbuster film's previz/postviz supervisor, Clint Reagan of Halon Entertainment, recently sat down with Animation World Network to discuss the process of visualizing the complex scenes of the 20th Century Fox production that tells the final story of Marvel Comics' X-Men hero, Wolverine. Reagan recalls one key sequence with actor Patrick Stewart (Xavier in the film) where he had the chance to try out Perception Neuron: “We took that in Jim’s office, and we stayed late one night, after everybody had left. We set up our suit. We laid out Jim’s main room as the hotel room, as close as the production designer had known at that point. We motion captured us walking through this scene and just figuring out the distances, the time, how long it would take, how much space we needed to make the scene work so that it wasn’t boring. We were trying to create this effect that Charles Xavier was crippling everyone’s minds and crushing their minds, but Logan was fighting against it. Jim had [explained] this effect as: his muscles don’t want to move, but he’s forcing them.” Read more in this excellent behind-the-scenes article on AWN. And don't forget to watch Logan!