• 29 Jun 18
  • Posted by SusyNeuron
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iClone Motion Live Delivers Unified Motion Capture

iClone's latest release, when combined with Perception Neuron, offers professional animators their own portable 3D character studio. Live motion capture and real-time animation combine in a virtual production workflow enabling anyone to turn their vision into reality. 3D character creation, motion editing, facial animation and lip-sync inside iClone combines Perception Neuron for a complete virtual production studio. Perception Neuron with Motion LIVE provides a real-time Character Animation Platform that can be exported to game engines, or 3D applications using a pipeline that can thread into any studio workflow for filmmakers or indie creators. An added benefit to iClone 7 is the Character Creator which gives animators a selection of dozens of unique characters to choose from. With iClone Motion LIVE and Perception Neuron, animators can create live characters for broadcasting, both on TV and online. The Perception Neuron iClone Mocap LIVE complete 3D animation bundles are available now on the Perception Neuron website.