• 03 Nov 15
  • Posted by alexal
  • Dev News

Mocap Anywhere Just Got Better

Are you ready to take your Mocap Anywhere to the next level? Join us in being part of the first wave of developers, animators and filmmakers to ever test out the Beta iClone Neuron Mocap Plugin. This offer is brought to you courtesy of our partners at Reallusion.


What exactly does this mean? Well if you have Perception Neuron you will be one of the first ones to bring your characters to life instantly. Whether you want to be a medieval fighter or a super kawaii anime girl the power is now in your hands. Find out how easy it finally is to bring your own creations to life. This beta won’t last forever though, with the full release of the iClone Neuron Mocap Plugin slated for a release in 2016, it’s time to start mocap-ing.

To find out more details about the iClone Neuron Mocap Plugin visit http://iclone.neuronmocap.com/