• 26 Apr 21
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NOITOM IN MOTION EP.2 Olaf Liebermann


#NoitomInMotion is a new series dedicated to highlighting amazing creators and studios who are using Perception Neuron. 

We want to share stories and and learn about what set them and others on their respective paths. 

Make sure to follow along and tag us in your work for an opportunity to be featured as well. 

For episode 2, we speak with Olaf Liebermann.

1. What inspired you to enter the animation/VFX industry?

Tron, a 1982 film that I saw in my youth. I started Blender 2.5 in 2012 and the dream began to come to life.

2. How has mocap with Perception Neuron changed your work process?

I had no previous knowledge of animation, it was the case with me! June 2015…

Finally, the Motion Capture Suit Perception Neuron 32 is here!!

Now connect everything and record, because of first cramming, testing, checking and, above all, conjuring up a thousand curses, but then recording animations and starting to render.

3. What project are you most proud of and why?

I love every single one of my works.

They show me that I am developing and that my dream is taking shape.

These pictures are movie posters suitable for the films I made with Perception Neuron 32 support.

4. What are you currently working on?

Half a musical on my animated feature film No. 5. In this film, this time the animation is not created with the Perception Neuron 32 suit, this time I create all movements with the mouse. The reason? When I started making films, I immediately started wearing an animation suit and when integrating the animation into my project, small errors (jerking / wrong rotations / dropouts) always arose, as can also be seen in my films. This time I would like to make up for all the missed work processes that I missed in the last few films to improve the animation integration of the suit. But I am now impatiently looking forward to the Blender addon.

5. Choose one word in English or your native language that is important to you and explain why?

Never give up.


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