• 09 Dec 14
  • Posted by alexal
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The November updates

November was a big month for us, and although techinically update 21 was on December 3rd I still plan on counting it was part of November. The first major update brought some new renders of the  Neurons, and connecters. 

First, some housekeeping updates regarding the manufacturing and R&D process:

1. Components sourcing and purchasing are nearly finished- 99.43% of the components amounts have been ordered- 82.08% of the components amounts have been prepared in our suppliers' warehouse

2. Injection mold tuning and manufacturing has already begun, and it will be completed by the 20th Dec. 

3. Software R&D (including Axis Lite, Demo games and SDKs) is on schedule

4. PCBA pilot production will begin on November 21st 

Probably the BIGGEST part of this update 20 was this next part

5. We are currently 11 days behind our original plan for mass production. This has mostly been due to improvements we have made in Perception Neuron's function and quality. We have tested 11 different kinds of Wifi modules to make sure the wifi transmission is good. We have already run PCBA trial production 3 times to insure quality mass production. We are working with one of the biggest OEM factory all over the world (a really famous one!). Not sure if we can get those 11 days back but we will try our best!

6. Accessories are on schedule. We will have the first full set of straps and gloves before the 20th of November. Pilot and mass production for those will be on schedule

The Neurons are now Aluminum, OH THE JOY! 

The next update came towards the latter half of the month giving some new insight to the capabilities of a 30 Neuron package set up with Dr. Tristan Dai once again providing some files for the backers to play around with. Along with this also came new renders of the gloves, upper and full body set up as well as the new Hub. 

All in all a very exciting month for us, and once set closer to getting Perception Neuron into YOUR hands.