• 19 Dec 16
  • Posted by SusyNeuron

Perception Neuron and MSU School of Journalism

Students and staff at the MSU School of Journalism will be incorporating Perception Neuron’s into their projects as the school begins a strategic partnership with the motion capture company. MSU, a Research I university, uses animation as one of the ways to reach out to the global public about news and information through its immersive media initiative. MSU students produce VR and AR as well as interactive animations and comics as part of their motion capture, animation, broadcast and reporting courses. The school will be using the Perception Neuron suits for several research products including their Immersive Storytelling Vault and their Immersive Percussion Project. MSU also has a strategic, ongoing partnership with the Smithsonian Latino Center and will be using Perception Neuron for their production and research project with them including the Latino Dance Project. As the relationship with MSU flourishes, we will keep you posted on the latest news.