• 13 Nov 20
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Perception Neuron - Houdini plugin for real-time character animation- retargeting and mocap workflow

Houdini from SideFX is a node based procedural generation software tool. The release of Houdini 19 and the new KineFX tool set for animation and rigging, introduced a whole new way to use mocap inside of Houdini.
We're also excited that with the release of Houdini 19 users can now stream real-time mocap data from Perception Neuron motion capture suits

Supported Hardware

  1. Perception Neuron 32
  2. Perception Neuron Pro
  3. Perception Neuron Studio
  4. Perception Neuron 3


Live in Houdini – PERCEPTION NEURON (neuronmocap.com)

Video Tutorial

For those that do now have Houdini already, download Houdini v19 on sideFX website - https://www.sidefx.com/