• 12 Mar 21
  • Posted by Anonymous (not verified)
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Perception Neuron Metahumans Live Demo

When Epic Games announced the METAHUMANS it became an instant internet hit. People rushed to learn more and curious about the capabilities this would unlock within the Unreal Engine pipeline and virtual production.

Naturally we jumped on the opportunity to live drive these METAHUMANS with our motion capture system, Perception Neuron Studio. We were able to do this within hours of the annoucement and since then we have been working on ways to bring this everyone, even those who have no expeirence with Unreal Engine.

Today we are happy to announce the METAHUMANS / PERCEPTION NEURON DEMO. With this EXE anyone with Perception Neuron or with our Axis Software will be able to instantly stream mocap data directly to the METAHUMANS.

This EXE will also allow you the ability to do a complete performance capture by also getting facial data from iphone X series compatible phone. 


Looking towards the future, it's hard not to have a smile on our faces as we patiently wait for the official release of the METAHUMANS. We know this will unlock a work of possibilities for characters everywhere and introduce a new era of global performance capture.

This EXE is a small teaser for all to enjoy and we can't wait to see what everyone makes! 



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