• 02 Feb 21
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EPIC news! You can now find us in the Unreal Engine marketplace! Download our Neuron Live Link Plugin and easily get to work in brining your projects to life.

Works with PN32, PN PRO and PN STUDIO!

The Perception Neuron Live Link Plugin comes with the essential C++ classes and Blueprints to receive Motion capture data from Perception Neuron 2.0 | Pro | Studio software. Use this tool to animate your humanoid characters for animations, games, and simulation projects.

Complete Setup Tutorial


Technical Details

  • Live Stream: BVH Broadcast motion capture data from Axis software to Unreal Engine.
  • Live Retargeting: Retarget animation to characters with the Unreal Mannequin Skeleton, Mixamo Skeleton, and custom skeletons.
  • Animation Retargeting: Use the included bone mapping to retarget captured animation between different characters.

Code Modules:

  •  NeuronDataReaderPlugin: Editor Module
  •  NeuronLiveLink: Runtime

Number of Blueprints: 9
Number of C++ Classes: 4
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows
Documentation: https://neuronmocap.com/content/support