• 16 Jul 15
  • Posted by alexal
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Updates, News and More.

It's been a busy few months since we first announced that shipping had officially started. We managed to finally deliver the first ever Perception Neuron kits to Kickstarter backers, but we also had some not so good news. Early June we discovered an issue with the plastic housing of some 900 kits that were preparing to ship. While this was extremley unfortunate we were able to stop the problem early on by with identifying the issue and taking the necessary steps to prevent something like this from happening again. Shipping is going to be starting again, but the issue with the plastic housing has pushed back shipping for everyone, including pre-orders. 
You can read more into detail about the the plastic housing and our shipping schedule by following the links below:
Update 32
Update 31 

In the midst of all this, there have been backers and visionaries who have been putting Perception Neuron to good use by creating awesome videos. Reallusion shows how Perception Neuron works in real time with it's software, while the other two videos are made by some of the Kickstarter backers. These are plenty more videos out there and soon there will be more once the next batch of kits begins to ship. 

We're also getting ready for SIGGRAPH 2015 that will be held in Los Angeles from August 11-13. If you are able to go make sure you stop by our booth (644) and check out what we have been working on. As always if you have anymore questions please contact us at contact@neuronmocap.com