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Release date:Maya 8,2021
Previous version:

Changes :

1.Fixed an issue of update installation failed
2.Added supported for Motion builder v2022
Release Notes
PN Motionbuilder Plugin
Operating System:
Windows x64
Release Notes:
Motion Builder Plugin 

Autodesk Motion Builder 2016,
Autodesk Motion Builder 2017,
Autodesk Motion Builder 2018,
Autodesk Motion Builder 2019
1. Realtime preview Axis Studio's motion in Motion Builder.
2. Directly record motion data in Motion Builder.
Double -click on "Axis_Plugin_for_MotionBuilder_xxx.msi" in 64 bit system.
Configure Steps:
1. Launch Axis Studio, open a recorded file or connect sensors, then click Main Menu to pop settings dialog and navigate to "BVH Broadcasting" tab page.
2. Enable "Advanced BVH", select "TCP", choose "Local address", enter a valid net port and click "OK" to apply the settings.
3. Launch Motion Builder, navigate to "Assert Brower->Devices" in "Resources" panel, and then drag "Motion robot" into the Viewer window.
4. Configure the corresponding IP adress and net port, and click "Online", the "Online" button's color will become green and the "Source" combo box will list all characters of Axis Studio if success.
5. Select an character source, and create or select a bone hierarchy in "Model binding" combo box.
6. Check "Live", the hierarchy bone will be driven by the selected source character.
7. Characterize this hierarchy bone, you may need to check "Stay In T-Pose" before characterizing.
8. Import your own 3D character model, and set this character's source to the hierarchy bone you just characterized.
9. Uncheck "Stay In T-Pose", your own 3D character model will be driven by the selected hierarchy bone, that is how your own 3D character be driven by the selected source actor.
10. Activating Recorded mode by Checking "Recording".First click the "Recorder" and click "Overwrits" in the popup window ,then click "Play" button in Transport controls panel to start "Pause" to stop.
    Uncheck "Live" to Play mode and click "Play" to playback.
11. If you changed the skeleton's type in Axis Studio, you need to click "Rebuild Skeleton Template" button and create a new skeleton in "Model binding" combo box.
Release Notes
First public release.

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