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Maya plugin for Perception Neuron
Compatible with Axis Neuron,Axis Neuron Pro, Axis Studio

Plugin support for: 2020

-Realtime Data Stream

For plugin support on previous versions please use the links below on SOFTWARE RELEASE (Support for 2016-2019)


Visit PageInstallation Setup


Software Releases

Title Version Operating System Download
Maya Plugin Windows x64 Package icon

Release Notes

Operating System:
Windows x64
Release Notes:

Maya Plugin 
Autodesk Maya 2016,
Autodesk Maya 2017,
Autodesk Maya 2018,
Autodesk Maya 2019
Realtime preview Axis Studio's motion in Maya.
Double -click on "Axis_Plugin_for_Maya_xxx.msi" in 64 bit system.
Configure Steps:
1. Launch Axis Studio, open a recorded file or connect sensors, then click Main Menu to pop settings dialog and navigate to "BVH Broadcasting" tab page.
2. Enable "Advanced BVH", select "TCP", choose "Local address", enter a valid net port and click "OK" to apply the settings.
3. Launch Maya, load Plugin into Maya and open it.
4. Configure the corresponding IP adress and net port.
5. Click "Initialize" and " Create Skeleton" button to create a skeleton.
6. Click "Characterize" to characterize the current skeleton you just create in step 5.
7. Import your model and set up your source and target characters in HumanIK window of Maya.
8. Click ”Start mocap”.
9. If you changed the skeleton's type in Axis Studio, you need to click "Delete Skeleton" button and create a new skeleton.
Release Notes
First public release.

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