2 x 32 Neuron Edition V2 + iClone Perception Neuron Mocap Live DUO | Perception Neuron by Noitom

2 x 32 Neuron Edition V2 + iClone Perception Neuron Mocap Live DUO

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2 x 32 Neuron Edition V2 + iClone Perception Neuron Mocap Live DUO

List Price$4,695.00 USD
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Designed for advanced level Mocap that requires finger level animation and for two simultaneous characters (two Perception Neuron suits).

What's Included:

2 x 32 Neuron Edition V2

  • AXIS NEURON Software
  • (32) Perception Neuron Sensors
  • (1) Hub
  • (2) Anti-MAG Neuron Container
  • (1) Hub Power USB Cable
  • (1) Hub Signal USB Cable
  • (1) Full Body Strap
  • (2) Set of wrist/hand/finger straps (one left and one right)
  • (4) Replacement base Glove (2 for S / M / L each)
  • (5) Dummy Neuron
  • (2) Dummy Plug
  • (1) Check List and Warranty Card

iClone Mocap Plug-in for Perception Neuron Duo

The iClone Perception Neuron Plugin* combines the power of Perception Neuron’s motion capture with Reallusion’s 3D character animation software.Developed for both recording animation as well as for live performance capture, the iClone Perception Neuron Plugin is available with SINGLE and DUO capabilities allowing either one or two simultaneous character motion capture.

3DXchange 7 Pipeline

3DXchange6 is a robust, streamlined conversion and editing tool that connects iClone to a universe of 3D content. Users are able to import bi-ped, animated skin-bone characters and their animations for use in iClone, and also export iClone characters and animations to external 3D applications and video game engines.

iClone 7 Pro

iClone is designed for instant 3D visualization and digital storytelling. Its unique real-time animation engine can greatly accelerate your production speed by rendering everything you see instantly.

*A download code and website will be sent to you separately to access the software.

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