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Biomechanics of Bodies (BoB)

Biomechanics of Bodies (BoB) is a biomechanical modeling package that contains a human musculoskeletal model. BoB enables the calculation of anatomical trajectories, center of mass trajectories, ground reaction forces, muscle forces, and joint contact loads together with a muscle editor and an extensive visualization capability.

BoB is the leading musculosketal analysis package developed in MATLAB®.BoB features include:

  • Easy data importing of Perception Neuron .calc files
  • User editable skeleton and muscle models
  • Short learning curve makes BoB ideal for teaching
  • Advanced analysis makes BoB ideal for research
  • Easy data exchange with MATLAB®
  • User defined MATLAB® Handle Graphics scripts
  • Extensive graphics display features
  • Calculation of ground reaction forces
  • Calculation of joint torques
  • Calculation of muscle forces
  • Calculation of joint contact forces
  • Calculation of muscle lengths and velocities
  • Calculation of centre of mass
  • Output of tabulated data, images and videos

A trial version of BoB can be downloaded from

BoB has been downloaded by over 400 research and commercial organisations.

The BoB package will be delivered as a download directly from the BoB team

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