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Anti-Mag case alternative?

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I also just noticed that the test you are talking about is using a single sheet as a shield. But if you use a sheet going around the object you are shielding, the protection is almost an order of magnitude bigger (10 times bigger). So if you go around the object, you don't need 10 layers, you need only one! That's pure sicence. Look at the second test they made with a sheet not folded and then folded around the meter: (* Demonstration --- Shielding the Geo-magnetic field using our mumetal (with 0.1mm thickness))


I have another better and cheaper idea. In the scientific shielding experiment, they always use a tube for maximum shielding. So I think a cylindrical canister would be better to store the suit and then we just need to curve a sheet around the suit in the canister.
Maybe Like this:


I just found confirmation of what I thought: the best shape for a magnetic shield is a sphere, but the next best and easierst to manufacture is a cylinder with closed ends, they also say every parts must touch each other to ensure magnetic continuity, but the Noitom anti-mag case is not even doing that!:


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The most efficient magnetic shield shape is a spherical shield but this is difficult to manufacture in production terms. The next best is a cylinder with closed ends. The rounded surface of the cylinder is conductive to the absorption of magnetic flux. If the cylinder does not have end caps, the ratio of the length to the diameter should be 4:1.

If space is at a premium, as well as being more practical for mechanical reasons, then a flat sided box fabricated from sheet metal will be the next best option. The corners need to have a large bend radius to minimise flux leakage.

The least favourable shield shape is a flat mu-metal ® sheet because a flat sheet only covers a portion of the flux path.

It is necessary to ensure magnetic continuity whenever a shield is produced from a number of mumetal ® pieces, i.e. with lids, overlapping seams. Continuity can be achieved mechanically using friction or via welding.

If the magnetic shield needs holes then the size of the holes should be chosen with care. As a rule magnetic fields can travel into any opening a distance of two times the hole diameter.

On large diameter holes, a branch tube can be employed to protect the hole from leakage.


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And since the most annoying part to remove and put on the neurons are the gloves, I think I could easily put only the gloves in my shielded canister and for the rest, just remove the neuron and store them in the little boxes.

I already have a sturdy tea can that can fit a glove.



my calliper indicate about 0.4mm for the thickness of the small antimag box and the thickness of the big antimag case looks about the same.
So let's say that with 2 layers of 0.35T you should be more than safe.
a big sheet of .035T is about 70$, and you would need probably 3 to fully cover a small case. And add the price of the case (they are usually not cheap).
So all in one, you would probably end up with a better antimag case, but no cheaper.
well, it is up to you to adopt the solution best fitted to your needs. I am a lazy guy, so the neuron antimag was enough for me, but since i am also a geek who knows a bit about shielding, i put the additional permalloy single layer for a safe mind
I got the full neuron, bu i am not sure i will always use the hands, so for instance the neurons for the gloves are still in the little boxes.
If it happens that gloves a often used, i will shield the other pocket of the wallet (i still got a permalloy sheet, i will just need to buy another big one).
It is possible a will remove the nylon straps from the suit and use a cheap "Zentai" (check on ebay) with velcro.
If you use it always with the same person, it could be easier and more efficient since you can secure neurons and cable more effieciently.
you can even use a 2nd zentai over the first to make sure nothing moves.
if you work with video, a green zentai can allow to key the real character and replace him by the electronic avatar..



muMetal wanted more than the cost of the suit to modify one of there cylinders-- just to put caps on it... I contacted them last year and gave up on the idea.


Thanks for the pointer abut the zentai suit! Good idea!

Finally I ordered 2 sheets of 8'' by 10.5'' (0.1mm thick) Ultraperm equivalent of Mumetal for around 50$ USD. One sheet is enough to cover one tea can that I already had (made the measure with a piece of paper) and in which a single glove fits perfectly. So I just need another tea can like that. I think one sheet will be enough since I will store it in a afe place anyway. Those tea cans also fits in the studio pouch I received with my suit so I don't need a pelican box at all.

I am wondering is the steel from my tea can could cause problem or am I better to buy a similar one made of plastic instead? They say steel from building structure can cause problem but they don't talk about small metalic pieces like a can...

Also they say the small boxes are made of silicon metal. Is this as effective as MuMetal? On the ebay page where I bought my sheets they say this: Our new stock is now fully annealed, which further improves shielding by up to 10xthat of unannealed sheeting sold elsewhere.

So if the small provided boxes are not annealed and are not made of Mumetal, the sheets I just ordered may be 10 times or more effective than the provided boxes?

I would like to have some input from someone at Noitom please! thanks



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