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Arm rotation screwy with Perception Neuron motion data

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Arm rotation screwy with Perception Neuron motion data

Good Afternoon,

I have been working on a model for a sample motion capture project since January and I'm stumped and running out of new ideas to try.

I have modeled and built a character in 3DS Max (2013) to use with a Perception Neuron motion capture kit (one of the original kits with 20 nodes). Currently, I am still in the testing phase for the model; to test I am using one of the motion capture samples provided with the Perception Neuron (Scene_20150414-dai-19-fixed_Char00_bipe) which has been converted to a BIP file (from BHV) in 3DS Max.

No matter what I do I get the results in the attached image, where the arms appear to be twisted upside down.

I'm not sure if this is an issue with my model, maybe with the positioning/rotation of the model itself, an issue with the motion data file conversion, an issue with the motion capture data or something else entirely.

Also, my apologies if this is a similar question to one someone else has asked, I have no idea where to even start looking for help.


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