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Axis Neuron : Displacement

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Axis Neuron : Displacement

Hello, we have noticed a probleme when we use the axis neuron with UE4(Unreal Engine 4) about the displacement into the setting in the section BVH Data.

When we check the "Displacement" the character is ok  in axis neuron, but only one probleme appears we cannot use the character without the displacment active because he is just deformated.

So the probleme is when the "Displacement" is not active the character into axis neuron have the knee not straight, and we need to active "Displacement" for get a character clean into UE4 but into axis neuron we notice the knee of the original character is not straight and same for our character in UE4.
Do you have any isue for this probleme ?
Any isue are welcome.




I have noticed a similar problem. Did you find a way to solve this issue? We are planning to use this for biomechanical applications, and therefor it is required that the joint angles resemple perfectly the measured joint angle.


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