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After 5 minutes of use it freezes the model within the axis neuron. 
What ever I do from there is, disconect the hub, connect it to computer, redo all from begining and it just colapses. 
I dont know what is next I have to do. It does calibrate nice, and works quite nice for this 5 minutes.
What I see from with in Axis neuron software is my closest witi router associated only with axis is that it has weakest wifi signal, WHY ???
I tried this with several other wifi routers and same thing, weakest signal is excatcly the one associated with axis neuron. ???

So I need this 2 things, why is it freezing after 5, max 10minutes of use, and secondly why is the wifi router associated with axis with lowes wifi signal....

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Please share a bit more info on your computer. WIN? OSX? and version of the OS.

Can you let us know if right before Axis Neuron disconnects, do the LED indicators on the SENSOR MAP turn all RED?


hello thanks for answering on the first post.

Win 10 version 1709, hubPID, PNHJA0xxx , Boot version, App version, Boot state green, App state green.
No sensors attached, just the hub.
Problem is as sad earlier, when I connect everything as it should be connected, I have dedicated ASUS RT-AC51U wifi router just for this cause.
1. I get very weak signal from hub to wifi router just one line, even though is just 20cm away from each other. 
2. Even in this condition i manage to get everything on, and it syncs well and all sensors green and everything works fine.
3. It all works fine for 5 min

After this time model with in axis neuron freezes
What I do is I disconnect the hub from the battery itself, connect it again on my pc trough usb, and so on, connect it again, disconnect and connect, and so on.
1st time I have managed to somehow get it working for 10 minutes but lot of disruptances while the model goes 5 meteres from router, this is bad, I guess somehow the hub it self has either bad connection cause I have measured magnetism around the place and it's way below 40 tesla.

Just to make a point, I have tried 2 different laptops, good ones, when I say good, I meen i5, i7 processors 8+ gb of memory, dedicated gpus, etc.
I have tested it with 3 different wifi routers, still same.
What I have notice though, which ever Wifi router I use, as router connects trough cable to laptop and WIFI to HUB i get those week signals, Within Axis Neuron you can see other Wifi networks in your surrounding, Suprising is that which ever router I use to connect to laptop and to sync with hub is the one with lowes signal. All other routers which are not associated with hub are with 5+ signal streght.
Can you pleae help me out !.


Yes and I think they do turn red after freeze !
Will double check !


After using for some time v2 32, out of nowhere it just disconnects it self from the axis neuron software, so the full body disappears.
Let say like this, I am able to use the full body mount and it works well.
After use of let’s say 30 min, looks like hub disconnects from my router for whatever reason.
Model from within axis neuron disappears.
I have tried to reconnect, axis neuron, unplugged the battery, reconnect the hub to pc, and redo everything from the beginning. But no luck what so ever.
Even tried to just sit disconnect everything and just wait for time 5-10-20 minutes and reconnect everything back from the start, sometimes it  works usually it want work, just can not connect back the hub to to axis neuron.
What I notice when this happens is:
Hub light blinks somehow awkward, it’s either steady light like full red light no breathing mode, or it’s blinking one long signal then some kind of 2 short signal either way it’s blinking with no specific order.
Chaotic blinking.
Please tell me what to do next.
My OS and other characteristic you have in previous edits.

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