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Axis Neuron High DPI screen

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Axis Neuron High DPI screen

Just installed Axis Neuron Pro (Windows 10 64bit) and I am using a high DPI screen (4k).  

The menus and text are too small.  

Will Axis Neuron support hight DPI screens in the near furture? 


Thanks for the feedback. Not sure when this will be included in the update. I agree though, it is a bit small. Or maybe I'm just getting older. lol


I'm not amused. I just paid $2,500 for a kit whose utility software (Axis Neuron is completely illegible (see below) on a modern display.
This is now long overdue. Noitom, fix your software.  

ivan cueto

I think windows has options to make bigger texts and icons on an application . I dont know in windows 10, but in windows 7 right click on desktop, go to screen resolution and in screen resolution window ther is an option in text that says something like(i dont know exactly in english cause my windows is in spanish):  "Increase or reduce text size and other elements" once there you have 3 options:
1. Smaller 100%(predetermined)
2. Mid 125%
3. Bigger 150%

This should be enough to increase text size in an application, hope it helps


Ivan, Yes, Windows 8 and 10 both have dpi scaling but the problem is that Axis Neuron does not honor it. That's why we need hi-dpi support.
The screenshot I posted above is of a 2560x1440 display @ 200% DPI Scaling. As you can see, increasing the scale has no effect..

ivan cueto

Did you restart yopur computer after making the change? cause it asks me to restart the computer  and if I dont restart it, it wont  make any change. In case you did restarted your computer, well sad to know


Win10 (version 1607) does not require you to restart when changing DPI scale; it requires you to sign out and back in. Here is the dialogue which appears when changing scale:

'Some apps won't respond to scaling changes until you sign out.' (screenshot:

In my experience, DPI scaling has no effect on Axis Neuron's UI whether signing out or restarting. If you start your PC with a display at 3840x2160 then Axis Neuron's UI and text will be illegibly small. Increasing or decreasing the DPI scale and then signing out or restarting has no effect on my system.

Workaround: Set a lower resolution (e.g. 1920x1080), sign out and back in and then revert to the higher resolution (3840x2160). This workaround yields a legible UI (see here: but is quite inconvenient as it must be done routinely anytime the machine is restarted.

Noitom, this issue is long overdue. Please fix it.


This is still an issue. How is this forum years old and this is still an issue?


I just got the software, and had the same issue on my desktop and laptop.  The temporary fix is to use a manifest file.  here's how to do it (the example is photoshop, but it works for Axis Neuron Software as well)

Just tried it out and it fixed the issue for me and my old eyes.

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