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Blender change root motion bone

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Blender change root motion bone

Hey guys, we are struggling with this problem. After exporting animation as .bvh from Axis Neuron and importing it to Blender, the root motion bone is the hip bone. This does not work when exported to Unreal Engine, Unreal Engine reads the root motion from the root bone and not the hip bone. So in order to make it work we need the root motion to be on the root bone.

Is there a way to make Axis Neuron record root motion on the root bone? If not then any idea how can we transfer the root motion data from the hip bone to the root bone? We're unable to do that, can't find any help by googling.

Any help is appreciated!


Did you look at WebAnimate?  They have a free trial, and they allow remapping and all kinds of recharacterization.  I'd be *amazed* if you couldn't transfer the data from the hip to the root there.

It's now a standalone version and only costs around $140 or so, and if it works for you it's useful for all kinds of other things.


Hey Kelleytoons, sorry for the late reply.
I have tried to use WebAnimate as you suggested, but this program seems to be for rigging, so i'm not sure how this would help me transfer the animation from the hip into the root bone. If you do know how please do tell me, i've been stuck with this problem for a couple of months now with no success! :(

I'm open to other suggestions!

​Thank you

Elie El Maalouly


Look at the tutorials for WA for re-targeting -- then just retarget the hip animation into the root bone (that's what you are asking for PN to do, and WA does that very thing).

I'm no expert on WA, so I can't explain exactly how to to it, but it's basically selecting the bone you want from one rig and then clicking on the other (so you'll import both a rig from PN as well as a new rig that you will retarget.  It's this new one you'll then export for use in your other programs).

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