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BVH to unity SDK not working

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tarek kiame
BVH to unity SDK not working

hi i'm new to PN and i have the 32t hardware and worked perfectly with axis neuron.
BVH in axis settings ON,Done
SDK imported to unity, Done
Neuron/prefab/NeuronRobot imported into the scene Done
connect to axis Done
Press Play in unity, NOTHING HAPPENS :(

while in play mode, log
[NeuronConnection] Connected to
[NeuronSource] Resume actor 4598a967a5bc4a94991c98f153aab554


Mine does the same  but when I hit play game  my Neuronrobot drops slightly below the ground plane and no movement after that in Unity


tarek kiame

i installed motion builder to see if it will work on it, and it did, then tried again with unity, it worked, have no idea if installing mobu made the difference or what made it work, but that's all i did and nothing else. weird, but it did work !!!

Mário Sandro Fr...

Hi, I'm also new to PN.
I have a .raw file having motion data captured from my right arm (10 sensors configuration) that I’m using to test the unity integration with Axis. I also did all the steps written in the Perception Neuron Handbook (PerceptionNeuron_UnityIntegration.unitypackage imported to unity, Neuron/prefab/NeuronRobot imported into the scene, BVH checkbox set to ON in Axis, .raw file running in loop on Axis etc), but nothing happens with NeuronRobot when I press Play in Unity.

Please, I'm stuck in this terrible problem, and any new idea will be welcome.

Thanks in advance,

Mário Sandro.

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