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Calculation data through the network into Labview

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Calculation data through the network into Labview

I'm trying to read calculation data through my local network into Labview, I have many questions:

  • In the Axis Neuron settings, I've set the Output format - Calculation Data:
    • Quaternion to Sensor global
    • Acceleration to Local sensor data
    • Angular velocity to Local sensor data
    • I'm Broadcasting TCP with the Calculation - Format :​ Binary

Should I modify something?

  • In labview, I'm reading 1352 bytes so I'm getting an array of 338 elements of unsigned 32 long interger (U32) looking like this (first 16 elements):


I've converted the data on Labview's side to floats, signed INT and other types, but I'm not sure of what I should see. In the Neuron Data Reader Runtime API doc, 1.2.2, it's written that the contact judgment of right and left foot is also contained at the last of each frame data: 1 means contacting to the ground, 0 means not contact, with float type, 4 bytes.

Should the right and left contact jugements be stored in the last two elements of my array (position 337 and 338)? If so, I always get numbers that are different form 0 and 1.

From the same document, it's written that each bone has its position (XYZ, with global coordinate), velocity (XYZ with global coordinate), sensor quaternion (WXYZ with global coordinate), sensor accelerated velocity (XYZ with modules’ coordinate), and gyro (XYZ with modules’ coordinate), totally 16 float data.

From Appendix C in the same doc, I see the index for the 21 bones.

Should I consider the first 16 elements from my array the 16 float data for the first bone (Hip) and so on?

I'd appreciate any kind of help.

Thank you


@louismcgendron - did you ever get a response from Noitom/PN team? Or did you figure it out on your own?

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