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Can't get hub to work (wifi settings, "talk to router", whatever...)

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Can't get hub to work (wifi settings, "talk to router", whatever...)

I've gone through all the Quickstart steps. Everything seems to work fine UNTIL I'm suppose to disconnect the USB, hook up the power supply, and let the hub search around and find the router (about 17:00 minutes in the "Basic Training" tutorial video. The hub just keeps blinking, doesn't ever find the router. (By the way, I'm running Axis Neuron Pro. Don't know if that makes a difference...)

- I've gone through the forum, at best I've been able to WITHOUT A SEARCH BAR!! (Hint hint: Probably should get a search bar for the forums...:))

- Tried to verify that the IP addresses were the same. It appears that they're the same.

- Haven't tracked down the potential for a "port" issue (saw that somewhere in a thread). Still investigating.

- I shut down my laptop's wifi connection to the house internet.

Basically, my router/Axis Neuron looks identical to the guy in the "Basic Training" video. I even got the same router. Everything works as in the video, right up until the hub tries to go wifi.

Anyway, thanks in advance if someone can help me with this problem.

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Well, I'm sure as hell glad I fixed this problem already myself.

How, you ask? 20 feet of usb cable.

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Ok i tried this as explained into a Youtube Video  --> you lust first disable your WIFI from your labtop/computer. and then follow all procedure and then WIfi will work. But the issue i'm having now is that I cannot see the buddy /suit on my laptop screen ... nothing connected even if all neuron are breathing ...
any clue ? tks.

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ivan cueto

you have not only to disable  your wifi, you have to disable the wireless adapter and/or the Lan connection(not sure about Lan Cuase I use internet wifi) and it`s not enough to go  to the right bottom of the task bar and disconnect  from the internet. You have to go to control Panel/System and security/System/devices manager in there go to Net Adapters and disable what provides internet to your computer,I mean  wifi adapters , etc.  apart from disable wifi adapter try also disabling Lan, just in case and this should be enoguh, The Hub should detect your wifi router. It`s not enought to just disconnect from the internet , this I do in window 7


I've connected wirelessly the suit to a laptop using my smartphone as a router.

1. As suit as you wear the suit connect the HUB to the pc using USB and, as soon as it's showing up on the list, click the connect button.
2. Test if the mocap suit is working properly with the USB plugged ( no missing neurons or cable malfunction ); if you don't connect using USB FIRST wifi won't connect ( no idea why that is )!
3. Using the setup, look for your wifi router name, put the password, then disconnect
4. Change the cable on the HUB ( so that you get the 5V port )
5. As soonj as the HUB lights up you shoud get the suit name ready to be connected inside Axis ( sometimes it takes 5 seconds to connect, sometimes it takes 1 minute, it's very random )

Forget cables, it works by doing this trick ;)


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david crockett

You must follow the instructions exactly as they are written.  It sounds dumb but when they say unplug the hub from the USB and then plug in the battery, that is exactly what you need to do in that exact order.  If you have the battery plugged in b4 you unplug the USB, it will not work.  


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