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Connected to Wifi but not found in Equipment list

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Connected to Wifi but not found in Equipment list

Hello community,

I have been working with Perception Neuron via USB cable a lot and it works well.
Now I want to go a step further and use it via Wifi, but I simply cannot connect it. The IP address is correct and the long beep tells me, that the Hub is connected to my Wifi. But when I want to connect it then, it cannot be found in the Equipment List. I already disabled the Firewall, any suggestions what I could do?
Thank you very much.


same problem. Did you get any fix's?

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usb work fine but wifi not detect

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Check the Axis neuron SETTINGS>GENERAL > NEURON HOST ADDRESS and make sure that the IP found in this window matches the IP given by the router thats connected directly with your machine.

If you have your computer/laptop connected to a WIFI network, it is possible that Axis neuron picked up an IP from an unwanted source. Axis Neuron, PN HUB, and your computer should be essentially on the same network.

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