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Difference between new V2

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Difference between new V2


I have just got the old Perception Neuron, I'm just wondering how much better is the new one? Am I missing out on a lot?

Thanks in advance


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I'm working with both versions.

V1 has really bad cable connections...  I've had so many bad connections.  to the extent that the feet don;t operate any more.   The foot cables are the most prone to disconnecting as they flex the most.   

V2 -   I've beenworking with for two weeks so its new territory but so far all seems fine.   
 note:  I'm 3D prinitng small connectors that hold the cable straight preventing pinching or pulling as the cable exits the neuron housing.

We're running   P.N  DUO  32 sensors each rig.    iClone 7  & Maya 2018


Would you recommend selling the V1 to get a V2?

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I just watched a video found here  that shows the V2 suit.    So I believe we're still running the V1 suit.  



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