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This is the worst system ever, this is a scam. The PN suits they use in their tutorials are not the same of the ones they ship to actual customers. My character legs drift constantly, you must recalibrate every minute to reset it. I purchased the iclone and PN combo and it's terrible. THEY DO NOT REFUND BECAUSE THEY KNOW THAT THEY HAVE A SHITTY PRODUCT. There is literally 0 support. I've measured myself, done everything that you're suppose to do to get good results.This is insane, and honestly it's false advertisement. Us as customers shold file a lawsuit because I haven't heard anyone that's satisfied with this product.

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Hello @hoodedsamuraii,
We appreciate your feedback you have sent here. We're extremely concerned about this foundings you have. The suit you have is a Perception Neuron 32 V2 which is the exact same PN32 V2 we use in our videos. Our team would be happy to setup a skype call to help you get started with your hardware.
If you have sent an email to and have not heard back from us please let us know. As of this message we have not received an email back.

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We have not heard back from you since this post was made. Please reach out to us at

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