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Hello together,

in order to minimize the drifting of my Avatars in my recordings, I did the following:

1. I have installed the newest version of  Axis Neuron Pro.
     Axis Neuron :
     Calculation Engine :

2. All 32 neurons were updated
3. All 32 neurons were calibrated

For the test I used 7 neurons. Foot, knee, hip, pelvis

After the calibration and resetting to zero, I did the following:

Test 1:

One step back with the left leg.
Right leg brought level.
One step forward with the left leg.
Right leg brought level.

I repeated this three times.

The Avatar stands very close to the zero point

Test 2:

One step back with the right leg.
Left leg brought level.
One step forward with the right leg.
Left leg brought level.

I repeated this three times.

My Avatar was standing approximately 30 cm to the left of the zero point.

The tests were repeated multiple times with different neurons (I have used all of the 32 neurons).

All the results were nearly identical.

Has anybody the same problem, with these tests?
Could someone make this tests and make his/her result available to me?

Thanks so much and best regards




Nobody there who can help?


Is there nobody in this forum who can help here?

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