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Faceware with perception

This is the fourm that seems to get the most foot traffic, and it appear developer responses are almost zero to begin with so i'm putting it here. 
It would appear having a model with any extra bones for face rigging breaks the ability to use that model with perception neuron. we use unity3d along with faceware, our model is rigged with the perception specs, though they massively deform when connect to Axis. The model works fine when no extra bones or blendshapes are present. Is there anyone out there at all that has run into this problem who can help.


Hey moliminous, I'm on the same page, trying to create a live streaming of 3d Avtars, Body+Face using faceware and Neuron  did you find any solution for this? 

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might want to change to FaceRig Studio  rather than using Faceware.


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