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Feature requests for Axis Neuron

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Feature requests for Axis Neuron

While doing a session recently - some workflow wishes came about.

1. Ability to type in the frame for the in and out for exporting a clip from a larger session, or better, double clicking on the end of the slider to match where the play head is.

2. Either to remember the export setting (file type) or to have a place to set a default.

3. Ability to remember where the last file was exported to - and what it was named.

Would be nice, if there was some easy way to do multiple takes when recording the motion in the first place. We just did a "neutral" pose so I can find the start and stop of a motion while in Axis Neuron. It works, but would have been nicer to just have a 'pause' or "start/stop" on the hub itself.

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