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Frames per second


May this question is answered before, but I'm unable to find a search option in the forum. 

What is the frame rate of the motion capture data and is there an option to set the FPS while exporting the data.



I was looking for that option too.

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Currently you cannot adjust the FPS inside of Axis Neuron. If you are recording 17 NEURON sensors the framerate will be 120FPS. If you record 18 NEURONS sensors and above then the FPS will be 60FPS.



hi Daniel,

Thanks for the reply. So anything above 18 Neurons is 60FPS, correct? Will you be providing an option at a later stage for setting the required FPS while exporting?


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Hello Burny,
Yes anything equal to or above 18 NEURON sensors will give 60FPS

Let me clarify again,
17 120FPS
≥18  60FPS

Our team has not discussed this function for FPS customization, I will foward your request to them.

Studio Local
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I would be fantastic if you could add this FPS customization feature to Axis Neuron tool kit.

We are in production using this Axis Neuron and not having this feature included is causing a massive bottleneck in our pipeline.

Dan Brown
Studio Local

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I will have to agree, 2 minutes of mocap data really adds up and causes performance issues in normally efficient programs like Maya and Motionbuilder. Yes, you can resample outside of Axis, but that is part of the bottleneck.


Yes please, frame rate export option would be very useful.  Thanks!


Hi. Any update on this? The option is still not there.


Does anyone yet have a workaround for this?

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Same trouble here. In the bottleneck. Dealing with framerate and gimbaled curved...

Setting Fps rate is really needed.
We are in production now and we are realizing that it is harder to use the perception neuron than we has thinked.



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