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How to use a Secondary Screen for "Scene View Monitoring"?

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How to use a Secondary Screen for "Scene View Monitoring"?

Hi everyone

I'm trying to have a second monitor for both actors and the director to see in full screen what's been recorded, but i don't want them to be constantly seeing whole menus and toolbars, or even have to get closer to the screen because menus and bars just squeeze the View window.

I've been using 2 screens in "Duplicated mode" But ideally, “Extended Mode” would be better, so I can have my screen displaying a regular size scene view, with all my menus and toolbars, and then in the second screen I can display just a full screen view of the Scene for them to monitor the performance. That way I can just concentrate on the technical stuff, and they can focus on the creative side.
For some reason I can “undock” any other window or panel, except for the “views” panels.

Is there any way to have a "Second Scene View" as a floating window so we can just drag it to the second monitor and set the size?
Is there any workaround?

Thanks in advance for the help

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