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HUB is not recognized by the wireless LAN

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HUB is not recognized by the wireless LAN


As the manual until pairing of wireless LAN was successful.
(Unplug the USB data cable and link Hub with a USB power pack. and I hear a long beep.)

However, HUB is not recognized by the Candidate character opened in Conect icon.
(By the way, hub without problems in the USB cable will be recognized.)

Is there something that the HUB is not recognized even though pairing is possible?


I have the same problem and I dont get the long beep either


I have the same problem. Any fix's?

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Did you make sure to check   BVH   in the settings   & do you have the correct port  ?

Mine never beeped either so I sent it back.   A few weeks later a new hub arrived that beeped.  There's a test you can do to make sure your hub  emits and audible beep

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