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Hub Not Seen

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Dave J
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Hub Not Seen

Hey all,

 I just plugged the Hub in and after a beep it sits with a red flashing light and isnt seen by Neuron doctor.
After installing the software and plugging in the hub, windows tried and failed to find drivers.
Win7 x64
Any thoughts?



same thing here in mac and win 8



same thing here in mac and win 8



Brand new suit, same here.  Windows reports bad USB device.  Changed out the cable, no difference.


same here- tried it on 3 windows machines on 2 diffrent networks (not that the network should make any diffrence when using usb)


update- came back to one of the machines i tried before this moring and the hub is being detected via usb(no i dea what has changed- nothing i suspect other than hub is tempermental )
will try it on the others again later and update
so suggest keep trying


Did you figure out what was causing this?


Same issue on windows 10, any ideas what is causing this? and how to get it working?

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1) Uninstall Axis Neuron from your computer
2) remove registry files assosiate with NOITOM from your WIN machine
3)Reinstall Axis Neuron ( this process should resinstall the PN hubs drivers)

If problem persists, please consider reinstalling the USB drivers on you computer/laptop


Same issue here (OSX), and just as I was attempting to contact technical support, starting and restarting the software, and plugging and unplugging the USB, it suddenly came to life. Just keep at it, if the led is "breathing" correctly.

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