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iClone Motion Live does not detect Perception neuron actor

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Bob Todak
iClone Motion Live does not detect Perception neuron actor

I already hooked up the neuron suit and axis neuron, and I've already got my character in iClone 7. I open the Motion Live plugin to connect the neuron to iclone, but when I click the green circle it lights up but does not detect my neuron actor. When I click it, it still says my actor as 0. The IP address and port are both same on the Motion Live plugin and also on Axis neuron. Because of this, I'm unable to move my character in iClone using the perception neuron. Attached are some screenshots. I already followed the steps like in the manual but it still doesn't work.

I captured a video of my problem: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19HoL-Srzv79k1jupR6wj4fQt4unYIrLL


In the video your Perception Neuron Hub was offline, not connected to Axis Neuron, so there was no stream for Motion Live to connect to.


I'm having the same problem and I don't think the hub has anything to do with it,
as I've seen multiple examples where they "stream" prerecorded neuron data
into iclone.

The same issue has been raised by multiple other users on the iclone forums
and no response there either on what the issue could be.

Any hints or help would be great !


your video was not congized actor(character).

have you changed port number and the character to something else?


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