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I'm buying from anyone who wants to sell

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point is: 

If you buy a new car that has 3 years warranty, this will still be covered by the manufacturer regardless if you decided to sell it two months later.

The waranty doesent cover the buyer, coveres the product.

another analogy: I boutgh two evga gtx cards on craigslist, the seller was able to transfer the warranty to me, and this is a lifetime warranty that they provided.

As long you dont tamper with the product, I dont see any reason why you should not be covered by waranty, just my 2c


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Why did that guy JUST make up such a RANDOM lie, about Triston leaving? 

Well anyways I'm glad they are paying close attention to detail and focusing on sending we remaining Kickstarters a non defected product.

Patience takes mental discipline. 

I'm grateful this project even exists and I have one coming. 

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How about the warranty policies you have? 


I too dislike their warranty policy... for such an expensive item (while not as expensive compared to other similar products-- it's still a lot of money for the individual...)  the limited-warranty is only good for one year!  I would suggest to Noitom to allow the transfer of any remaining original warranty to second-hand buyer for a reasonable warranty-transfer fee that is based proportionally upon the number of remaining days in the original warranty.  Secondly, I would suggest Noitom to offer its customers the option to buy an "extended-warranty"-- which would remain valid for purchase anytime during the original one-year warranty.


I agree I really hope they add this

Joe Lloyd

I am in a pinch for time as well and am willing to buy from anyone interested in selling, preferably the full 32 neuron kit. If anyone is interested send me a message.



Im suggesting order online and add the extended warranty to have a safe buy if ever something happened to your unit they can replace it immediately.


Hello! Are you still interested in buying a set?I have a 32 neuron set that is missing the forearm peicesI am asking 1200. Reply if you’re interested.


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