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MAC OSX and Cinema 4d

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MAC OSX and Cinema 4d


Dont see a search feature on the forum, so probably this was answered before.

I see that PN answered in 2015 that OSX support will be added, Is this still on the "to do list"? any eta appreciated,

Also any plans on developing a plugin for cinema 4d?

Asking this, as most of the motion/small studios in Los Angeles are using cinema 4d and mac/osx boxes.



Yes, we have an OSX version. Once you recieve a kit, you will get an email with a registration and download link. 
As for the Cinema4D plugin, we don't plan on making one at this time. Also are you sure that is the case in LA. I know most of the Motion Graphics studios use Cinema4D but most of the Animation Studios whether big or small use either Maya, Max, or MoBu.


I was wondering if there are any advances concerning Cinema4D Support?

Jet Blaque

Don't sleep on Cinema 4D. The C4D community is multifaceted and does a lot of everything...maybe not full blow Character Animation there are already studios dedicated to that BUT if you did have a plug-in for Cinema, you can bet your bottom dollar that you would get a LOT more of the market share. You see, most "character" animators dont do Motion Graphics or delve into things outside thier character realm but I'll bet my computer that there are more MoGraph Animators who would add character animation to their repetoire If it were made easy than there are Character Animators willing to add MoGraf to their bag of tricks. (Which is why I know MoGraf Artists are already using Mixamo.) I am painting with a very wide brush when I say this but it seems like Character Animators USUALLY stick to character stuff (with the occasional environment and VR stuff from time to time) they dont tend to delve into any other types of visual mediums. Motion Graphics Animators are willing to do more visually engaging projects and will use any kind of tool to achieve cool looking results. I'm just saying, you're leaving money on the table by not developing for C4D. Just my humble opinon.

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