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Making GoPro accessory mocap helmet (DIY)

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Jinbae Park
Making GoPro accessory mocap helmet (DIY)

(Using Google Translator... sorry)

Alpina grap helmet      x 1
GoPro Replacement Parts x 2
GoPole arm              x 4    
door pull                 x 4    (weight use)
steel wire              x 1    (fasten Gopole arm)
guitar head machine     x 2    (fasten steel wire) 

<cutting and attachment tool>
bosch power drill               
Screw                   x 15   (Gopro replacement parts fix )
epoxy putty            
loctite super glue     

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Nice craftsmanship, but in my opinion it looks overly complex and quite heavy, judging by the suspension cables. My version uses a single piece of wood and a couple bolts, and is quite rigid.

Also, depending on what software you use, the realsense camera may be too far away from your face to get reliable results.

Jinbae Park

(Using Google Translator)

I thought two things are important.
One will not be shaken. The second is the distance intelrealsence and face.
The software uses the faceshift.

At first, I thought the two gopro arm. But
When my body has moved strongly shake.
2 gopro arm is close intelrealsence too.
(I do not know the distance control with the option of faceshift intelrealsence.)

The way I work has solved this problem. But
Weight is being worry :) hahaha.



Should check some camera store for accessories like this. And probably customize my own as well. Thanks for sharing the idea!


on thingiverse , you can find tons of gopro parts (even parametrics ones you can set at the size you need).
using cheap carbon fiber tubes and these plastic parts, you can build very rigid and light systems.

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Hey guys... sorry to necropost but I was wondering if you have improved your design for your HMC. I have been working on one myself using 3D printed parts (using a skateboard helmet as a base) and I have made a dual camera setup similar to Vicon Cara Lite... 

you can see the results on Twitter

I am already designing the second version of this, but it won't be ready for a while... enjoy,


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Hey guys... so here is my final capture helmet to be used with t he Perception Neuron... with the camera shields, lighting and markers on my face. 

Video testing of the helmet:

There will be more to come.

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