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Mocap issues

I have a 32 capture system and this is the first time I am using it. I watched all the videos and callibrated everything. I am having two issues though after I capture. 

1. My arms were doing opposite of what my subject was doing. When my subject raised their arms the capture was lowering the arms to the side of the body and vice versa. At first I thought there is some latency but isn't a capture realtime? How can I fix this.

2. The knees were backwards on both knees instead of pointing forward.

Appreciate any suggestions or help on this matter.


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Please try the following
1)Select a body preset that fits the subjects dimensions. Measurements are in CMs. For e.g, if the height of the subject is 160cm, then select either FEMALE or MALE 160cm in the characters drop down options.
2) Perform only the STEADY POSE on its own. 

after completion

3) Perform the A,T,S pose

check the mocap status.


Thanks for your reply. That's exactly what I did I selected the body type preset and did the Steady pose by itself and also all the others A,T,S by themselves too. The knees were fine but my arms are still doing the exact oppostite. When the subject raised the arms the capture raised them up and vice versa.

In fact I realized later that I had worn the left leg set up on the right leg and the right on the left but they were still capturing fine with the knees pointing properly. I even tried it in MoBu and the live tracking was working but its just the arms doing the opposite motion. 

Anything else I can try?



I'm having the same issue with the arms. They won't go down, the detect fine during calibration but not after. I did set the body type an height right. Is there anything else I can do?

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