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Motionbuilder Realtime Plugin

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Motionbuilder Realtime Plugin

Is this being worked on? Any ETA? This plugin will be the holy grail of digital puppeteering.


This was promised to be a kickstarter backer exclusive. So i hope it is stil being worked on


I'm currently using motion builder to retarget, but Axis Neuron to capture.
would it be possible to capture in motion builder with the PN suit if this plugin was made?
Or may be is there going to be re-targeting added to the Axis neuron software?
I don't want to pay for two softwares, would it be to much to ask to either use Axis Neuron or Motion Builder software for capture and cleanup, instead of both?


Yes, thats something you would be able to do! since axis is built for PN though, there will always be advantages to doing your raw records from Axis.

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Hello Everyone,
   We will be releasing a MOBO and MAYA plugin very soon. Our dev team is currently looking around November as the release, no exact date can be provide yet.

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Sounds awesome. If you guys need an outside beta tester, I am willing to test things for you. I plan on combining Faceshift realtime data with Perception Neuron realtime data when the plugin comes out.


any plans for Cinema 4d?

Dave J
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Mindy doing the doo made me laugh :D

and second for C4D plugin.


+1 for Cinema4D Plugin, because this is missing I am still not sure to buy a 32 Sensor Kit.

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