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Neuron Mocap to Cinema 4D

Hi Neuron comunity

Does any one know how to transfer MOCAP to an caracter in C4D or there is any whay of doing mocap directly on my caracter (that I builded in C4D) Can I import the caracter in AXIS and than do the Mocap or I need to export the Mocap and link it to the caracter cin C4D. And if so how to link multiple shots of Mocap to an caracter in C4D.
I know how to rig and skin an caracter but I don't know how to transfer multiple Mocap to it.
I have seen that is posible to do Mocap directly with iClone is that a good option?


You could do the following:
1. Capture a TPose fitting your Character with the Axis Neuron App
2. Export that TPose plus your other Mocap to FBX
3. Rig your character to the imported TPose inside Cinema4D
4. Add a "Retarget" Tag (found under Character Tags) to the TPose
5. Add the TPose as Target and the animated Rig as Source inside the "Retarget" tag
6. Exchange the source with whatever mocap animation you have collected with Perception Neuron

I would do a whole tutorial on that but I do not own a Perception Neuron, I just tested the process with their examples inside the Axis Neuron App.


I am still trying to figure out if there is an easier way, like some Auto Rigger, some Cinema4D Plugin or using the Mixamo Rigs. An export for the Mixamo Rigs would be great, then you could use Adobe Fuse + Adobe Mixamo to create rigged Characters and animate them with Perception Neuron.

Even better would be to have an Auto Rigger inside the Axis Neuron App to load a character and rig it like the Mixamo Auto Rigger.


Hi Neuron Team

We are working for years in Cinema 4D and with your system about a year now.

We would really appreciate if there would be a connection plugin between Axis and C4D like there is in iclone.
It doesn't have to be a live connections but it would really help for a quick and clean workflow.

Do you have any plans working on such a connections?


I am interested too, need a C4D plugin.

mani martinez
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Me too... getting crazy. (need a c4d plugin)

I don't know even if exporting a Tpose from my mocap means to set the actor in that position and export a single frame or there is a way to export a Tpose.
Also I have problems between connect bones or BIND the character... nothing seems to work when I try.

Couls you explain the process a little bit more detailed, please?



mani martinez
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I know this is not about C4d, but about Mocap... but could you explain a little more the point 3:
"3. Rig your character to the imported TPose inside Cinema4D"

I don't know if it means to "bind" or to "connect" or what is the way to do it in C4d in order to get the .FBX to mix with the character.

Thanks a lot!


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