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Notch Builder and PN Axis setup help

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Notch Builder and PN Axis setup help


I am trying to connect the live stream data from Axis to Notch.
Now, i followed your tutorial closely and set up everything like its shown, (here:
but i am getting some broken skeletal movement. I will link the screen record video for demo.
I'm using the latest Notch and Axis, so it could be something with PN updated skeletal mesh since you've shown on the tutorial, but thats just a guess.
Any help would be appreciated.


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Uninstall the current version of Axis Neuron and reinstall it with one of the latest version we have available on our downloads page.
That should refresh the BVH data transfer to Notch.

We are looking into the mater.



Thanks for the assist @danielc
I've reinstalled both Axis and Notch, and tried the procedure again.
Unfortunately it does not work. The hips seem to be locked in the center with mappings for the limbs done wrong, so all i get is twitches.

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Hello Vesko,
Can you email your project to our so that we can have a look.


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