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Output data from Axis Neuron

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Output data from Axis Neuron

How does the axis neuron send its data to other applications to be developped throught the SDK?
Can it send OSC messages with all the information gathered?
I have read the SDK documentation and it seems to be through a UDP socket, why dindn't you structure it in an OSC protocol so that it could be easily read through any application?
Can I get an output of the position of each joint as well as orientation with all the jump recognition and position calculation? Can I get the raw data from the sensors to use the gyroscope values explicitely? 



I would like to know answers to the above questions also.


Yes me too. OSC is very important

Armando Menicacci


Hi, how can I parse the UDP data to use in other software such as vvvv or Grasshopper, which both can connect to UDP but the data received is not readable? Do I need to make a plugin in that application to read PN data? Is there more info on the use of UDP in the SDK?


Hi Guys
(Hi Armando, here Luiz Naveda, we were working with ivani in Bahia, 2015 or so)

Do you know if this problem was solved? Neuron guys, any help or plan of development in this issue?

We basically need to stream data in Open Sound Protocol (OSC, http://opensoundcontrol.org/introduction-osc) via network with ou without a computer

I am planning to hire a student to work on an app that streams osc and maybe features in realtime. Please, let me know who you are so we can try to help each other.  Drop me a message in luiznaveda@gmail.com

All the best

Luiz Naveda


Hi Luiz and everyone,
Did you get any answer to this thread? I'm trying to route the UDP to Max but the information is rather cryptic. Has anyone tried to get the mocap points coordinates to Max?
All the best,

Carlos Guedes

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